Saturday, June 26, 2010

DIY Cutting Your Springs Corolla 89 - 92

This is a DIY on how to cut your springs for those who can't afford lowering springs or coil overs .

In this case we lowered it 3 inches so that the wheel wells are lower to match the top of the tires .

First thing you do is you crack the lug nuts a little then you find a secure spot to raise your corolla . In this case I put the jack in the front of the frame which is the strongest part of the car . Then once you have done all of that you place jack stands and lower the car on the jack stands for extra safety .

Once you have the tires off you remove the strut mount bolts and the strut bolts on the bottom .

Once you have your strut off you get a spring compressor and you compress your spring and then you remove the top of the strut mount remove your spring and prepare to cut .

To avoid removing your brake line you can uct a little bit of the bracket off so that you can slide your brake line and it makes it faster to remove and instal your struts in future projects .

Then once you cut your springs then you remove the little piece you aren't using and then you might need a spring compressor or not you put the springs back and the struts back in reverse .

The rear struts you have to remove the back part of the seat to get to the strut mount bolts . Then you do the same thing to the rear as you do the front .

Make sure you cut both sides the same way , Make sure you use a spring compressor and jack stands . The end results is your car will look like this and this corolla did not bounce as we test drove it .

DIY Front Brakes Corolla 98 - 02

This is a DIY for changing your front brakes in a corolla 98 - 02 .

First you just slightly crack your lug nuts and then you find a secure spot to jack up the corolla in my photo I used the front frame so that I can raise both sides at once . Then you place jack stands in a secure area lower the corolla on the jack stands then you can remove the rest of your front tires .

Once you have the tires off then you can use your rachet with a 14mm socket and start removing the bolts that hold down the brake caliper .

Then with a flat head screw drive you gently pry back the caliper .

Then you can spread your front brake pads apart . You can use a screw driver here to of needed .

Some don't but I personally put on some brake quiet on the back of the front pads . This is optional but I love my corolla so I use it . Then you let this set for a few seconds .

While your letting your pads set then you can just slightly crack open the top of your brake fluid cap then with the proper tool you push back the piston in the caliper . Once that is done then you put back your cap .

Then you put back your pads and brake caliper the same way you removed them and your done .

Then when you are done you tighten up the lug nuts and lower your corolla , Make sure your brake fluid cap is back on , Before you start the car pump your brakes until the brake pedal comes up . Some cars do not need top be blead but if you opened the line or your fluid is nasty it is recommended that you bleed your brakes . And with not alot of time there you have your front brakes changed .