Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY - Replacing Upper & Lower Radiator Hose 2005 Corolla

This DIY is for a 2005 Corolla .

First you have to drain the radiator in a safe manor .

Then you flush out the over flow tank so that you do not mix fluids plus keep all fluids new and not to contaminate the newer fluid . 

With pliers you can easily remove the clamps to the upper and lower hose . 

Make sure you replace the clamps and to grease the inner part of the hoses so if you ever need to go back there it will not stick and be easily to remove . 

Match up the hoses .

Make sure you burp the system and check the clamps .

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DIY - Troubleshooting Trunk Light not Working 2005 Corolla

This DIY is on a 2005 Corolla .

When I purchased this car the trunk light was not working and I couldn't figure out why . I checked all the fuses and the wire to see if maybe it was disconnected . 

I noticed that the rear light socket had power coming through it but when I grounded the other wire then the light came on . 

So I went to the trunk light switch where I noticed there was no power going to it so I followed the wired to the rear side panel where you have to pull the carpet down . 

I noticed there was a plug with nothing plugged into it . Then I noticed one wire was on the left the live wire was on the right . 

So I connected the two plugs together and the light switch works .

I don't know if anything went there but it was odd to see that the wire went to no where .

I put silicone there to make sure the wires do not move or touch each other . 

I put everything back and now I have power again .

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DIY - Replacement of a 6 x 9 Rear After Market Speakers 2005 Corolla

This is a DIY for a 2005 Corolla replacing the rear factory speakers to aftermarket speakers .

The rears are 6 x 9 and to make it easier purchase a speakers adapters from ebay . Part Number is 

SAK008_69 .

This is a very easy DIY . Remove the bottom of the rear seat then from there you can start pulling the plastic covers off starting with the clips where the hooks of the seat is .

Then go to the side of the rear then you can pull up the rear deck be careful if you have a rear wing there is wires you need to unclip then in the front you need to umclip that light plug too . 

Then you can start removing the factory speakers . be careful you don't hit the back window with your ratchet . 

Speaker rear adapter number is SAK008_69

You can modify the speaker wire to the factory plug .

Install the adapters first then you can put the speakers in . Make sure the speakers are nice and tight and they do not rattle , If you still have a rattle use silicone to keep it from moving . Once you tested the speakers then you can start putting then car back together . 

Make sure you plug all the wires back correctly . 

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DIY - Installing a Universal JDM Tow Strap on a Toyota Corolla

This DIY is for a universal Tanaka tow strap for the front of a Toyota Corolla without removing the front bumper .

The purpose of this is to pull lowered vehicles if something was to ever happen and you wouldn't tear up the front bumper .

Others put them on for looks , So make sure if you use it for towing you do not purchase a cheap one.

Find a location on the bumper bracket then drill a hole .

With a magnet slide the bolt to the hole you just drilled . 

Now to keep the bolt from spinning find a piece of cardboard and a pair of pliers and gently hold the bolt so you do not damage the threads so while you turn the nut till it can't spin anymore . 

Once you are done this is the finish product .

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This DIY was done on a 2005 Corolla .

Purchase a 1" Vent Spacers off of Ebay , Or you can use over size nuts and a longer bolt , Kit comes with everything .

Basically this is a two person job , One person holds the hood as you switch and replace the new bolts with the spacers . 

The purpose for this is if you have headers or a turbo kit by raising the hood on the back as the air flows through the front the hot air can escape easily and keeps your motor cooler in the summer time.

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