Sunday, June 12, 2016

DIY Passenger Side CV Shaft Seal 2000 Infiniti I30

This is not much of a DIY but I had to replace my passenger side CV shaft seal and when I realized I didn't have the proper tool or how long the distance was to even try to seed the seal and even realize how tight it was and there was only one way to get to this darn seal - I found a old filter I had ( Thank GOD ) and the ring around it matched - This is a two person so even your wife , girlfriend or kids can help on this one - I got a lot of ratchet extensions and I got under the car with a flash light I held the extensions while I had someone GENTLY tap on it with a rubber mallet evenly and it worked so if you run into this problem and you only have one car and don't want to rent the tool here is another way to put your seals in and I'm guessing if I ever need the other side this idea will work as well - So hope this helps someone . 

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

DIY Replacing Spark Plug & Valve Cover Gasket 2002 Honda CR-V

This DIY is for a 2002 Honda CR-V on how to replace the valve cover gasket and spark plugs 

Remove the cover plates that cover the coil packs and the fuel rail - Then remove the intake air box - You will see on the side of the valve cover there are two hoses that carry the coolant through a tube make sure you remove those two hoses 

Then you can remove the ignition coil packs that are above the spark plugs - Then you need to disconnect the Vtec module - Then you need to remove the cruise control and the upper strut bar - Once all those are removed or placed out of the way then you can start unbolting the nuts that hold the cover down 

Once you have the cover removed then you can replace the spark plug tube seals by gently using a screw driver and pushing downward - Plus while you have the valve cover off you can easily remove and replace the spark plugs

Part number for the valve cover gasket set is VS50614R make sure you match up the spark plug tube seals cause two different types come in the package - Once you have chosen the correct ones then gently with a rubber mallet put the new ones on 

Again while your in there you might as well do your spark plugs make sure you check the gap should be .044 and use the OEM iridium plugs - NGK part number is 6994

Once you put the new plugs in clean the valve cover from oil or sand and then just do the process backwards - Make sure you use brake cleaner before putting the valve cover back on so when it seals there is no oil deposits and it will seal - once you have it on clean the area with brake cleaner that way if you have any other leaks you can find them 

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DIY Replacing Oil Pressure Switch 2002 Honda CR-V

This DIY is for a 2002 Honda CR-V with a 2.4 motor 

This part is located above the oil filter and below the Vtec solenoid - These usually leak and people usually think it might be the valve cover  

Passenger side fender well has a opening for easy access - Once you put the new one on clean the area with brake cleaner so you if you have any other leaks they can be easily be found

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DIY Replacing PCV Valve 2002 Honda Truck CR-V

This is a DIY on a 2000 Honda CR-V with a 2.4 motor 

This is real simple but a tight location for this pcv valve - You will see above the alternator and under the power steering pump it's really hard to see but you will see the hose that has a clamp - 

All you have to do is unbolt the part and put the new one - If the old one doesn't rattle that means it was clogged - Testing the new one make sure it rattles - If the old one rattles that means it was ok but still if you have 100,000 miles on the car or more and never changed it then why not 

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DIY - 2002 Infiniti I30 Left & Right Engine Splash Shields

This is a simple DIY I only had to do the driver side but I bought both sides - This is for a 2000 Infiniti I30 and this is very important to have cause your A/C unit and other parts will not get wet as you hit puddles and the water would splash on the parts then in the future rusting them sooner and soaking the belts making them squeal in the rain .

Yes they can be a pain in the ass to take on a off for oil change but if you can see you can slightly pull away from the oil filter and then remove it . 

There are other splash guards underneath this vehicle make sure you order the correct one this one is for the sides behind the wheel covering axle sides .

Basically it is a bunch of clips that hold the parts - You can use clips or bolts which ever fits you .

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