Sunday, August 26, 2018

DIY - Repainting Stock OEM RIms using VHT Paint

This is on a Toyota Rav4 but this can be done to any vehicle . 

Issue was rims were fading so I just wanted something to make it look better - I used Rim VHT paint not just any other brand . ( Very High Temperature )

You can either wash the whole rim with Dawn soap and water , Then I used degreaser , Let is sit dry in the sun . 

I found a scotch brite pad just to scuff it a little , You can get more detailed with sand paper but these rims were faded not ruined completely . Then with alcohol for the final wipe of dust and grease .

You can use business cards to protect your tire from being hit with paint . As you can see in the photo how bad the rims were getting . 

I only did two coats because I needed the vehicle right away but if you want to add more or even clear coat that is fine . But for me this is perfect for what I'm looking for . 

Final look .

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

DIY - Installing LED Yellow Fog Light Bulbs 2009 Toyota Rav4

This is a DIY on how to replace and upgrade your fog lights on a Toyota Rav4 2009

Real simple all you have to do is turn the wheel the opposite direction that you are gonna install the bulb .

Pull the splash guard toward you there might be a plastic clip you have to remove . Once you have it pull in then you can see and locate the bulb socket .

Always make sure you have the correct bulb .

Once both sides are done then you can test out the bulbs .

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DIY - Installing Door Window Vent Visors 2009 Toyota Rav4

This is a DIY on how to install window vent visors on a 2009 Toyota Rav4 

First thing you do is to let the window vent visors lay flat in the sun for at least a hour so that it can be more flexible , Activate the glue cause once you install it and do not put it in the sun the plastic will form and the glue will get reactivated and possibly fall off or shape funny .

You clean the door frame with alcohol to remove and grease or dirt . 

Make sure before you peel the tape that you properly fit the vent visor to make sure it is correct and to know where you will be putting it on . 

Peel strip then press with your finger if you can do it out of the sun , continue pressing area for a few days especially when it is in the sun to make sure the glue sticks real good . 

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DIY - Installing LED Reverse Light , Rear Side Marker & Tag Light Bulb 2009 Toyota Rav4

This DIY is how to upgrade you standard bulbs to a LED bulbs for your reverse lights and tag lights on a 2009 Toyota Rav4 

This is real simple with a flat head screwdriver you remove the tag light assembly from the left and pull down replacing your bulb and putting in the LED bulb . 

Now on this one the only bulbs you can replace in this lens is the reverse bulb , turn signal bulb and side marker .

That is because the brake light bulbs are factory LED so if one of those blows out you have to replace the brake light assembly . 

You pop to door open where the jack is located and on the passenger side you will se a door as well to . By slipping your small hand inside you can locate the bulbs and replace them to a upgraded LED bulb . 

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DIY - Installing a Dashboard Mat 2009 Toyota Rav4

This is a DIY on how to put a dashboard mat which will prevent the sun from cracking your dashboard when vehicle sits outside .

Before installing this make sure mat is flat by either placing books on it and to prevent it from shrinking lay it in the sun for about a hour . 

Best investment especially if you resale the vehicle you can take this off and dash will look as good as new . 

If you already have cracks and want that ugly look to go away then yes you can install this for cover .

You do not have to use all the Velcro but with rubbing alcohol only smug areas that you will be strategically placing on your dash so that the mat will stick .  

Then gently pressing the mat to the dash making the Velcro stick . 

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DIY - Aftermarket HID Installation Toyota 2009 Rav4

This is a DIY on how to install aftermarket HID ballast and bulbs on a Toyota Rav4 2009

These are ebay products and a plug and go installation , On this model vehicle it has daytime running lights but they are on the high beam so no other modifications needed . As long as you have your headlight switch on AUTO all the lights will turn on and off . 

No need to remove any headlight assemblies or bumper , It is a matter of getting your small hands in the area and replacing it as you would a regular bulb .

Some vehicles the wires can be reveres so if your lights do not come on at first then turn the plug around , Then it is a matter of hiding or putting the ballast in a secure area .

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