Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DIY Modification Dual Electric Horns 03 - 08 Corolla

This is a DIY for a 03 - 08 Corolla changing the OEM horn to a Dual Electric Horn .

The easy way to do this is with the grille off - Just two screws holding it 

Then you can wire it up real simple one is positive the other is ground - Carefully measure the horns so that it can be even - Then ground the ground wire to the vehicle and the positive to the wire that the OEM horn came from .

This is what it will look like and everyone will hear you .


DIY ABS Replacement Front Grille on a 03 - 08 Corolla S

This DIY is for a 03 - 08 Corolla front grille and putting a ABS grille .

On the two corners of the old grille remove the two screws and the center fastener then the bottom has to push clips you need to release .

Now you might have to modify the bumper with some grinding because the ABS grille os for a Toyota Altis .

Then reverse the process in my case I found a Corolla S emblem and silicone it to the grille .


DIY Removing Front Spoiler Fog Light Assembly on a 03 - 08 Corolla S

This is a DIY on how to remove the fog light assembly on a 03 - 08 Corolla S model vehicle with the body kit .

Part Number for a New Driver side Fog Light OEM # 81220-AA011

Once you remove the front of the fender liner bolt then you come to the back of the front bumper spoiler and remove that screw .

Now under the car behind the bumper cover you will see c lips that hold the front spoiler , Just remove them pull lip forward then pull fog light assembly out .

There you have it then put the new assembly and reverse the process.


DIY Replacing Passenger Rear Door Handle on a 03 - 08 Corolla

This is DIY for a 03 - 08 Corolla . 

I got the handle according to the color of the vehicle from the dealership .

Part Number # 69211-AA020-B1

Remove the hidden screw behind the inside handle - Then pull up the arm wrest and you will see two more screws then unplug the window switch .

Pull the panel away then where the latch assembly is remove the three screws gently push down the latch assembly making room to put tool through.

With a torx screw driver loosen the screw where the cap is held on then you can gently remove the cap with out making the screw fall out then slide in handle then reverse the process .

There you have it simple .


DIY Adding HID bulbs to Fog Lights on a 03 - 08 Corolla S

This is a DIY for a 03 - 08 Corolla S model with fog lights and switching to HID bulbs.

Bulb on a 05 Corolla S model is 9006

HID is 3000k for yellow 

Remove the front part of the fender liner to make easy access .

This is a plug and play basically in my modification I put the ballast on top of the fog light housing to keep from getting wet a lot .

If the light does not work then switch the plug some times it can be plugged in reverse .