Thursday, May 24, 2018

DIY - Front Stud Removal and Remplacement 2005 Corolla

This is a DIY for a 9th gen Corolla/Altis or any type of Toyota 

You will noticed Toyotas most likely have notches - If you do NOT see a notch usually the whole hub has to be replaced on certain vehicles - 

This is the stud part number - With a sledge hammer knock out the broken or all the studs if you decide to add extended lug nuts or replacing worn out studs

With the Auto Zone stud I had to modify the back end of the stud by grinding a round edge because the store was flat as you can see in the photo - You don't have to go all the way around as long as you round the edge that is closest to the bearing - If you choose not to grind the edge then go to Toyota for the OEM studs 

Some how I found this version of lug nut and used it to pull in the stud - You can use a over size but as well 

DO NOT PUT ANY OIL OR ANTI SEIZE when installing a stud - Line up the little mark lines - Make sure the stud is straight - Make sure the flat edge you grinded is facing bearing and you have clearance - Try spinning the hub and listen for noises

With your breaker bar or air gun pull in the stud TIGHTLY 

Make sure stud is completely flat - Then you can put it all back together 

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