Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY - Plastic Welder Repair on a Headlight

 This is a basic DIY using Plastic Welder to repair and mold a plastic part on my headlight . This can be used on other plastic parts that need repair .

There are two types of plastic welder but I bought this one cause it is super high pressure .

I removed my headlight and as you can see in the other photos the piece that is broken . This is the stud that holds the headlight to the fender . With out this the headlight will be hard to align the beam straight .

Remove this center piece cause this is your mixing stick .

Then you snap the bottom cause that is your lid to keep the glue from drying .

I wore plastic gloves then I mixed the glue as the directions said then I rolled the broken piece in the glue . Now this doesn't dry quick but don't let it sit cause it will dry .
This is the first coat . You let sit dry for about 30 minutes then if you wish you can keep on applying .

I used the whole tube in 3 separate applies . The good thing with this you can sand paper this if you desire but in my case I didn't have to .
I let it set over night to better dry then I put my headlight back on . I was able to hand tight down the nut and it kept from breaking . This held up real good .
I have been told you can use this to glue stuff together as long as it is plastic to plastic .

Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY 91 - 94 Tercel Down Pipe/Manifold Replacement

 This is a DIY on a down pipe for a Tercel but while doing this DIY I ran into problems with the exhaust manifold and replaced the gasket and studs .

Make sure when your doing this job you have the car as high as you can safely on jack stands .

Always remember to make sure the one you are replacing is the same as the one you took off .

First you start off by removing the plug for the oxygen sensor then remove the two studs from the down pipe to the exhaust manifold .



This case replacing the nuts and bolts is the best way so I cut them off remembering when putting this back on you put these back on the same way you took them off these keep the pipe from shaking and rattling .

Then you put the oxygen sensor back on the down pipe .

Now when removing the exhaust manifold you must remove the intake and heat shield then you remove the six nuts holding the exhaust manifold .

Remember there is a heat shield that you must put back and the exhaust manifold gasket goes inside the heat shield when you are putting the manifold back .

In my case my two way studs were stripped so I replaced them . This is a very easy thing to do make sure you check for damage threads to the manifold .  DO NOT USE A VISE GRIP WHEN PUTTING THIS BACK ON  . Hand tight once you tighten the down pipe to it the nut will tighten the rest .

Again make sure you have the heat shield first then the manifold gasket then the manifold in that order , Some people use a light coat of red exhaust manifold silicone for help or if you have headers sometimes it is best to use it because of the higher heat on the gasket will eat it .

Then remembering to use the donut gasket that goes on the down pipe upper and lower ends again if you choose to use a light coat of the red silicone you can but when you tighten down on the pipes and manifold the gaskets will crush into place .

Now there was a bracket that held the pipe by the oil pan mounted to the block . If your down pipe doesn't come with one then use a metal clamp and clamp the pipe to the bracket as in photo .

Remember to return everything back then start your vehicle and carefully check for leaks , You will see alot of smoke coming off the exhaust manifold that is the gasket molding into place .

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