Wednesday, June 28, 2017

DIY - Modification on Fixing a 2005 Toyota Corolla Dash Trim Bezel

This DIY is for a Corolla 2005 but it can be done on any car that the door to the Bezel breaks off .

I purchased some silicone , magnets and door hinges .

This is a simple modification . Apply silicone on the magnets and tape them and make sure they get at least a 24 hr cure .

No drilling needed .

Now when you finished you have a bezel door that closes and will not open until you open it because the magnets are holding the doors shut .


DIY - Modification Applying Vinyl Eyelids on a 2005 Toyota Corolla

This DIY was done to a 2005 Corolla but this can be done on any vehicle .

Make sure you clean your headlights and have a tape measure cause you want to make sure both sides are even .

When you apply the vinyl before cutting the edges get all of the air bubbles out .

Once every thing looks good trim off the extra . 

There you have it eyelids for your vehicle .

This modification is up to you on whether you want short eyelids or large .

Remember when you put eyelids on your car now your light will beam forward and not outward so if you feel like you lost lighting at night that is why .


DIY - Headlight Restoration with 3M Kit

This is a DIY on how to clean your headlights the proper way .

In these I did them on two that we not so bad but still I have seen them on worst headlights then mine.

On another note I do not know the specific year but now cars come with a clear coat from the factory so this can take a long time to clean off the clear coat .

You will notice when you do this if your car had clear coat or not because the sand paper will not immediately haze that area . 

Make sure you use a battery drill and make sure you have extra batteries .

Clean headlight from any grease or dirt first .

Tape the area around the headlight or take them out if it is easier . You will notice the amount of sandpaper they issue you . This part can take 15 minutes or it can take a hour each side depending on how bad your headlights are .

You can use three on each side but make sure you haze it until you see nothing but a hazed lens .

You can read the directions in the kit . 

Second faze again use all three on each side this is not a race on how fast it is about perfection .

Third section get a spray bottle fill it up with water . There is only one of this pad . Make sure you keep this pad drench with water and keep on till the haze goes away . Yes it will look a little foggy but you will see the haze disappear .

Final faze is the buffing with the chemical supplied . Again it isn't how fast you do it , It is about perfection .

Here ia another example of a different vehicle I was able to do two with one kit only because they were not bad but if you do have bad ones I recommend you only do it to one set .

My advice is to take a day that you can spend on it and do not rush some times it can take one hour for one headlight .

This is the best kit ever .


DIY - Removing Paint from Plastic Safely

This is a DIY for any vehicle you are trying to take paint off of plastic .

You definitely have to at least spray a few times and remove . I did use a fine Scotch - Brite to help in the end because it doesn't scratch .

This is the end results and the plastic is fine .

The permatex worked great but be careful cause it will remove paint from anything .


DIY - 2000 Infiniti I30 Front & Rear Motor Mounts Replacement

This is a DIY for a 2000 Infiniti I30 front and rear ELECTRONIC motor mounts .

Get the vehicle as high as you can and use jack stands . I never done this on this type of vehicle so I put two jack on each end of the motor so it doesn't drop because I will be removing the whole middle sub frame .

This is really easy and the access to the top center bolts are easy to get to . Once you remove the top center bolt on the front and rear mount . 

Make sure you unplug the motor mounts in this photo I already had my air filter box off because the rear mount wire runs under the starter and yes there are clips along the route .

The front one is easy all you have to do is unplug it from the top .

Now you remove the three bolts in the front of the sub frame then the two in the rear of the sub frame but be careful this will drop .

Now on this vehicle it has electronic motor mounts that if you do not put the same you will have vibration in the motor and your service engine soon light will be on . There is a reason for this wires .

Make sure wires face out driver side . In my case I cleaned the oil from the sub frame . 

When you put it back you can put the mounts on the center first then raise the sub frame then bolt to sub frame or if you keep the mounts on the frame put the center bolts first then bolt in the sub frame . Either way is fine . 

Once you are finished plug in the motor mounts .

This is the easiest motor mount replacement . Other then that wire under the starter and removing the air filter box that is all .