Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY Corolla 93 - 97 Alternator Replacement

This is a DIY on replacing your alternator on a Corolla .
The first thing you do before working on anything electrical on your car is remove the positive side of the battery .
Then you remove the top nut and then you have to remove the cover underneath your car and then you loosen the bottom nut that is screwed into the adjuster block . You don't want to remove that bolt until you loosen the the alternator from up top or else the block will turn freely .
Then with the adjuster bolt you loosen the alternator until you can remove the belt .
It was easier to remove the windshield washer container so the top bolt could slide out .
You can see the adjuster screw and block once the alternator was removed .
Make sure you match up the alternators cause there are two types for this year vehicle . Before leaving the store have them test the new one . It is not common that sometimes the new ones are not working .

Then you put everything back the same way you removed the alternator , Make sure you adjust your alternator belt then after that you can connect your battery .

Make sure your battery is fully charged before you connect it , A half or dead battery can damage your new alternator . because you will be making it work harder and sometimes a surge will slip through .


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY - 91 - 94 Toyota Tercel Front Brakes Replacement

This is a DIY for a Toyota Tercel front brakes replacement .

                      Once you remove the front tires you remove the two bolts on the back side .

                 Once you remove the bolts with a flat head screw driver you remove the front brake pads .

Then either with a big C clamp or a brake caliper tool you push back on the caliper till it's flush looking for leaks around the rubber seal . Remember to unscrew your brake master cylinder cap . DO NOT REMOVE the cap cause the air will contaminate the brake fluid . The reason you just pop the cap is when your pushing the caliper back you are pushing the fluid back up and relieving the pressure . If you leave the cap pressure will build up . When you are done with both sides then you put the cap on tightly .

Then you apply antisieze on your bolts and always remember there are two size bolts the longer one goes on top , then apply anti squeal on the  back on the pads then place your pads on then the caliper and tighten bolts . Before starting your car pump up your brakes till they come up , If you need to bleed the brakes then do so .

This is a very easy DIY .

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