Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DIY Rear Disc Brake Conversion Corolla 93 - 97

If you were wondering on how to get rear disk brakes I found 2 cars that you can get it and is cheaper than the 92 Camry swap that's 5 lugs

you need any of these cars since they are 4 lugged already

if I'm correct

88-92 corolla gts


92 Geo prizm gsi they came with the 4age motor and rear disk break

now my friend is doing this swap right now as soon he is finish I will tell you all the details

we found a Geo prizm 92 gsi and we took the rear disk for his car and everything bolted up except for the adjustable arm that you have to take it and weld the other part that holds the holes the break to be adjusted(the control arm bracket) I will put pic later

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DIY: AE101/ 111 Rear Lower (2 points) Bar install

Just got the Ultra Racing Lower 2 point bar that goes under the back of the car or.................................A lower arm bar is an alloy/steel bar that ties the lower suspension pick-up points of a vehicle (with an independent suspension) together. It increases chassis rigidity by bracing the left and right lower-control-arm sheet metal mounting points. The lower arm bar is designed to reduce the non-pivoting movement of the control arms and to stiffen the subframe to lessen the distortion of the lower suspension, especially during hard cornering. As a result, it improves the handling and steering response of the vehicle much like a strut bar. A lower arm bar provides additional benefits in front-wheel drive vehicles by reducing wheel hop and torque steer. The bar lowers ground clearance by approximately 30 millimeters on most aftermarket installations.

 Ok here we go on this. first lift your car up on jacks. you will need a 19mm wrench and socket.

In the next 3 pics you will see the oem washer and a 5/8`s washer. you can not use the oem for its to large. go to Home depo or lowes to get the 5/8`s  grade 8 washer . WHY ? Grade 8 is very strong metel and wont rust or bend when you tighten the strut bar on to the cross arms. Note dont be CHEEP this only cost $1.25 and well worth it

After you put in the new washers , just slide the bolt back through and tighten it back down and your done.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011