Friday, August 13, 2010

DIY Power Brake Booster Corolla 93 - 97

This DIY is for the Power Brake Booster only . Before you do this it is best that you disconnect the battery cause one you disconnect the brake pedal from the Power Brake Booster your brake lights will go on and kill the battery . You can use something to keep the pedal up but it takes 5 seconds to disconnect the battery .

If you have a cold air intake or the air filter box remove that first .

If you have a upper bar remove that or the one side so you lift it up and out of your way .

My car has a fuel air canister and if yours does then remove that too . The more you remove the better working area you will have .

The next thing to do is remove the brake master cylinder lines . But in my situation I didn't have to remove the master cylinder lines at all I just pulled the whole master cylinder forward .

Then remove the hose that connects to the power brake booster . Make sure you put this back on when you put the other one on .

Then you can remove the 3 nuts that hold the master cylinder to the power brake booster .

If you disconnected the lines keep the master cylinder standing up and place it somewhere it won't tip over . If you didn't remove the lines just pull the master cylinder forward and be careful you don't kink the lines or brake them .

If your car has the A/C duck for in between your legs then remove that piece .

Right by the brake pedal you remove the 4 nuts holding the power brake booster to the firewall .

There is a pin and a spring that you have to remove also . Once you have that all disconnected then you can go back to the front and pull the brake booster out . Then when you put the new one in you just do it in the reverse . If you disconnected the master cylinder make sure you bleed it correctly . If you didn't disconnect your battery put something behind the pedal .

Reminder before you put the brake booster back in you have to loosen the nut so that you can adjust it to the brake pedal . Very important it matches your brake lights so that the lights don't come on to early or to late then causing a accident . Once you have completed this then you can tighten the nut back . You can adjust your brakes by using a needle nose pliers twisting the ridged area so that the handle moves forward .

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