Sunday, July 8, 2012

DIY - 93 - 97 Corolla Rear Brake Hose Replacement

This is a DIY of a rear brake hose for a Corolla 93 - 97 .

There are two types of rear brake hoses . You have one for Corollas made in Japan and Corollas made in U.S.A . The only difference is one is a little bit longer then the other and one cost more but you can use either one .

 First thing you do is unscrew the brake line going into the hose with out removing the clip until you have the brake line unscrewed . Put a pan under the lines cause the brake lines will leak and make sure you do not keep the lines open for long cause moisture will contaminate the brake fluid . If you find it difficult to unscrew the brake line use a vise grip to hold the bottom .

Once you have removed the brake line to the hose then you remove the clips . Then replace the hose and then reverse the procedure to put the brake line back on . Then bleed your brakes until the air is out and while your under there you can bleed the whole system .

Once everything is back on check for leaks . Make sure there is nothing rubbing on the hose or line .


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