Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY - 91 - 94 Toyota Tercel Front Brakes Replacement

This is a DIY for a Toyota Tercel front brakes replacement .

                      Once you remove the front tires you remove the two bolts on the back side .

                 Once you remove the bolts with a flat head screw driver you remove the front brake pads .

Then either with a big C clamp or a brake caliper tool you push back on the caliper till it's flush looking for leaks around the rubber seal . Remember to unscrew your brake master cylinder cap . DO NOT REMOVE the cap cause the air will contaminate the brake fluid . The reason you just pop the cap is when your pushing the caliper back you are pushing the fluid back up and relieving the pressure . If you leave the cap pressure will build up . When you are done with both sides then you put the cap on tightly .

Then you apply antisieze on your bolts and always remember there are two size bolts the longer one goes on top , then apply anti squeal on the  back on the pads then place your pads on then the caliper and tighten bolts . Before starting your car pump up your brakes till they come up , If you need to bleed the brakes then do so .

This is a very easy DIY .

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