Friday, July 14, 2017

DIY - Installing Double DIn After Market Stereo 2003 - 2008 Corolla

This is a DIY for a 03 - 08 Corolla on how to put a double din radio in your car .

Before I took the car apart I did the wiring and it is very simple - Color for Color instructions back of package .

I used a plastic panel remover tool and removed the plastic that is around the shifter . No need to disconnect the lighter plug you can set it aside .

You will see two screws that hold the A/C panel on the bottom - Be careful you do not drop them cause they can be hard to find - Keep a magnet handy - Then you need to pull out the middle knob and you will see a screw behind there - Once you removed all 3 screws then you can with your plastic panel remover tool pull the center piece out . That too you do not have to disconnect any plugs just put on the side you will have plenty of room . 

Now here be very very careful cause you have 4 screws and they are deep and you can drop these screws and loose them - If you have a magnet screw set use them again keep a magnet handy and when you unscrew these screws do not attempt to take them out with the tool just let them sit there and with a magnet you slide it in there and pull out each screw - I recommend you do these one at a time . When you put them back use fingers to at least stick the tip of the screw in and let rest there . Then you can remove and disconnect the stereo . 

Then you remove the vent panel off the radio by gently un clipping it 

Yes you will need a stereo installation kit because of the face of the stereo to make it look nice .

Plug the stereo in and please test before you put it all back together - Make sure you plug in the antenna . 

Then when you are done you can reverse the process and have fun listening to music .


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