Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY: Polyurethane Filler in the Motor Mounts

Polyurethane filler in the motor mountsThis is a very simple mod you just need the following stuff: Spare mounts from the store or yard oem preferred.


 I found these on a paseo in the boneyard. Just so you don't have any down time with your car. A tube of 3m window weld and a caulking gun. Peel the bottom panel off the tube then slip it into your gun.here is a pic of the tube.


You can find these at any napa location. Ok now I left the small part on to fill up the tiny areas first on both mounts. then cut down the a bigger size for the not so small parts.

For the larger sized area I took the whole cap off and squirted it in direct so i would not get any air holes.

Then used an old screw driver to smooth it over push any air out. once that was done I left them alone to dry 30 min later they will start to dry up on the out side it takes longer to cure the inside the most important piece of all.

I will give it prolly 3-4 days to fully cure then install them. once I do that I will be doing a rear mount with the same proccess. Also looking into the front mount on the corolla/celica setup too. Hope this helps somewhat with your engine mount problems. Oh yeah i recommend wearing gloves this stuff is supper sticky adheisive.


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  2. Why do you fill with Polyurethane the Motor Mounts?, what is it for?

    1. Helps to keep the engine/tranny from moving under hard acceleration, thereby avoiding the loss of power to the wheels. Not sure how much it helps. Also, helps keep the rubber mounts "alive" longer.