Friday, April 15, 2011

DIY Trunk Light Switch Replacement Corolla 93 - 97

This is a DIY on how to replace or add a trunk light switch for a 93 - 97 Corolla .

The Switch is connected to the trunk hook . You do not have to remove the hook just the switch .

First you remove the plastic piece and the carpet that covers up the area .

Then with a angle phillips screw driver you unscrew the switch from the hook .

This is a example on how you would do it .

Then you remove the plug from the old switch then you clip on the new switch to the plug

Then you put every thing back together and test out your trunk light .

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  1. Hey! I own a 93 corolla and I have an oil leak, i believe is the o ring that goes by the distributor, Do you think is possible you can guide me a lil bit on how to do this? I appreciate your help thanks