Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY - Corolla Fender Liner 98 - 02

 This is a DIY for a Corolla fender liner . A reminder that a Corolla 98 - 99 are different from a 00 - 02 so before you order make sure you have purchased the correct one .

All you would need is a flat head screw driver and a ratchet 10mm . This DIY takes about 5 minutes with out taking the tire off all you need to do is raise the car up till the tire comes off the ground a little .

As you can see in the photo above my old one was broken .

 The purpose of the fender liner is to keep rocks , salt , snow, water to ruin the wires under the fender or in my case to protect my HID box .

With the ratchet you remove the 3 bolts one is by the tow hook in the front and the others are spread center and back , then with your flat head you pop out the other push fasteners , If necessary you can purchase the push fasteners at Auto Zone just make sure you have the correct size sometimes these will break of you would need a pliers to help you pull them out .

Once you remove the liner then you do it in reverse and make sure the liner is nice and tight .

These photos about is the new fender liner and how it should look when it is all done .

More DIY at : http://www.corollacarlcub.proboards.com/