Saturday, October 11, 2014

DIY How to Remove Plasti Dip

This is a DIY on how to remove plasti dip off your vehicle safely .

I recently plasti dip the center of my wheels and I wanted to remove the plasti dip . I found out that if you do not put alot of coats of the plasti dip then it will not peel off easily . 

After research I learned that Goo Gone for Automotive is safe for clear coats . This has citrus formula in it , 

It is good of you can find a spray bottle and pour the goo gone in the container so that you can spray and let the goo gone sit for about a minute to soak the plasti dip then it will be easily to wipe off . 

As you can see in this photo the plasti dip is peeling up .

As a final step I sprayed the wheels again with goo gone then gave a final wipe , from there I sprayed Dr. Mechanico to remove any grease or oil left behind , This degrease is safe for your wheels because it is organic degrease . It wont eat the oil from your hands like the other kinds .

Once you sprayed your degrease then you can wash with car soap and if you happen to spray the goo gone with your wheels on makes sure you degrease the rotors then take it for a test drive to make sure your brakes burn off any chemicals on the rotors .


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  1. I like to use plasti dip for my vehicle because of its flexible and easy to remove. How to remove plasti dip