Sunday, September 10, 2017

DIY Radiator & Hoses Replacement 2000 Infiniti I30

This is a DIY for a Infiniti I30 replacing the radiator and the hoses 

Drain your coolant 

Remove all the hoses and disconnect the wires coming off the radiator fans so that you can remove the fan assembly  

If you have a automatic carefully remove the lines going to the radiator then you can remove the radiator after taking off the hold down brackets 

Flush block and clean outside if motor while everything is off 

Make sure you have all your parts - Now is a good time ever to replace your hoses or thermostat if needed but in this case it wasn't 

Clean all areas that the hoses clamp onto 

Replace the rubber grommets that keeps the radiator from vibrating 

Lube inside of the hose for future work it makes it easier to take them off 

There is a bleeder valve hidden where the top hose goes into - Make sure you remove the bolt while filling up NOT when engine is running or else it will spray hot coolant all over - Once coolant comes out with no air then you can bolt it down - Run car turn on heat make sure everything is not leaking and in a weeks worth of time check hose clamps again 

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