Sunday, July 11, 2010

DIY Adding Drivers Front Lower Vent Corolla 93 - 07

2 parts needed. The plastic vent tube and the vent as pictured.

1: Remove the side trim piece. 1 plastic screw by the firewall, the rest are just clips that pull off.

2: Remove the lower dash trim. 4 10mm bolts. One on each lower corner, and 2 that are behind the plastic covers towards the top. Remove the Hood Latch release cable.

3: Unscrew the phillipshead screw on the front left side of the vent tube. Then just pull the tube out.

4: Put on the vent tube with the opening the same way you took the other one off.

5: Poke out the plastic cover in the lower dash piece.

6: Push in the vent.

And there you have it nice cool air in between your legs .

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