Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY Front Brake Pads Corolla 03 - 08

get under the car with the jack and get crankin - use at least a 2-ton jack

rest the car on jack stands (both sides simultaneously). remove the wheels.

(optional). spray down the rotor with brake cleaner and wipe it off to clean some of the gunk accumulated.

this is the caliper. using a 14mm wrench, unbolt the two nuts where my fingers are making contact. there is a 3rd nut in the center - dont remove it.

the brake hose connecting is too short to allow the components to hang. use a ziptie and hang it off your spring (or however else you fancy).

apply some Anti-Squeal grease between the new brake pads and the shims (photo shows old brake pad). just a few dabs should be okay.

place the shims on the inner/outer brake pads and slide the whole assembly on to the clips (it will be obvious where they go).

gosh, this was the painful part. the piston is extended and won't let you slide it back on the pads. use a C-clamp and push it back in. the other side of the clamp you don't see is on the middle nut you shouldn't have removed. Autozone will rent you a brake pad installation kit with a compressor and what not.

with the caliper compressed, the assembly should slide back on the pads. torque down the 2 bolts to 25 ft.lb

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