Friday, July 16, 2010

DIY Adding Power Mirrors Corolla 93 - 97

This DIY is how to add Power Mirrors to a Non Power Mirror Corolla 93 - 97 .

1: Pull out the left side vent. No screws, just pulls out
Parts needed: Mirrors -Door Harness for mirror -Mirror switch

So far I only installed the right side as I have not painted the left one yet. The left side install is the same as the right.

1: Pull out the left side vent. No screws, just pulls out

2: Untape the unused connector. Pop out the square plastic piece, and pop in the control switch. Plug it on, and pop the vent back on.

3: Take off the right side lower door sill trim. There is one plastic piece you need to unscrew, and 3 plastic clips holding it down to the sill.

4: Pull off the triangle mirror cover.

5: Take off the door panel. There are 2 screws in the arm and 1 in the handle.

7: Remove the glove box. NOTE, there is 2 10mm bolts behind the plastic on the sides behind the glove box. I left 1 of the plastic covers on so you know what it looks like.

6: Unscrew and remove the mirror, 3 10mm bolts. Then screw on the power mirror.

7: Unscrew the speaker and remove.

8: Pull the door harness through the speaker area. There is a white connector in the kick panel where indicated by my finger. Also, there is a plastic clip holding the harness to the door, in the middle of the lower door side part of the hinge, also indicated by my finger. Pop it though. Then pull the harness through where the speaker should be.

9: Run the mirror wires though the with the speaker wires. Run the harness back through the door into the kick panel. Plug the speak connector back, and then plug the mirror harness in as well, and connect the plug to the mirror.

And there you have it power mirrors , The driver side is done the same way

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