Sunday, June 5, 2016

DIY Replacing Spark Plug & Valve Cover Gasket 2002 Honda CR-V

This DIY is for a 2002 Honda CR-V on how to replace the valve cover gasket and spark plugs 

Remove the cover plates that cover the coil packs and the fuel rail - Then remove the intake air box - You will see on the side of the valve cover there are two hoses that carry the coolant through a tube make sure you remove those two hoses 

Then you can remove the ignition coil packs that are above the spark plugs - Then you need to disconnect the Vtec module - Then you need to remove the cruise control and the upper strut bar - Once all those are removed or placed out of the way then you can start unbolting the nuts that hold the cover down 

Once you have the cover removed then you can replace the spark plug tube seals by gently using a screw driver and pushing downward - Plus while you have the valve cover off you can easily remove and replace the spark plugs

Part number for the valve cover gasket set is VS50614R make sure you match up the spark plug tube seals cause two different types come in the package - Once you have chosen the correct ones then gently with a rubber mallet put the new ones on 

Again while your in there you might as well do your spark plugs make sure you check the gap should be .044 and use the OEM iridium plugs - NGK part number is 6994

Once you put the new plugs in clean the valve cover from oil or sand and then just do the process backwards - Make sure you use brake cleaner before putting the valve cover back on so when it seals there is no oil deposits and it will seal - once you have it on clean the area with brake cleaner that way if you have any other leaks you can find them 

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