Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DIY Installing a Dash Board Mat on a 03 - 08 Corolla

This DIY is for a 03 - 08 Corolla on how to install a Dash Board Mat - The purpose of a dash mat is not for being cool it is to protect your dash board from cracking due to the sun . Even if you have a show car you can use this dash mat with out using the Velcro and tucking the edge under the front window and when it comes to a car show you can take it off . 

Make sure you degreaser first and wipe up any armor all oil and any dust .

Now where you are gonna put the velcro you need alcohol and just spot the area your gonna put the velcro not the whole dash board or it will fade it bad . Once you choose the locations let set dry and if you want to add armor all lightly then you can at this point .

Then you lay your dash board mat and press down where the Velcro was put .

There you have it , If you have day time running lights make sure the whole is cut out by the sensor .


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