Wednesday, May 31, 2017

DIY Replacing Driver Side Fender Liner 03 - 08 Corolla

This is a DIY for a 03 - 08 Corolla driver side fender liner .

The importance of this is to keep water out as you hit puddles or when it rains from ruining your fog lights and if you live in a area that snows a lot keeps snow from piling up inside your fender .


These are the clips I purchased on ebay .
18/7.57/mm: 0.71/0.3/0.28 inch
Clip Rivet Retainer Fastener 

Part Number for Driver Side Fender Liner Toyota OEM #538760 - 2090 . 

Locating all the wholes for the retainer clips make sure you clip them all . Easier if you take the tire off but if you are flexible then keep tire on . 


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