Wednesday, June 28, 2017

DIY - 2000 Infiniti I30 Driver Side Transmission Mount

This is a DIY for a 2000 Infiniti I30 Driver side Transmission Mount 

With two jacks one holding the vehicle up and the other holding the engine . 

Basically you have to take the air filter box off and the battery tray out to get access to the bolt holding the mount .

In my case I had purchased ebay motor mounts a full set and it seems that this transmission mount I had to do some minor modifications but the other mounts were perfect .

There is a reason why this mount is aluminum because of the height so with quick thinking I found 4 strut mount nuts I had on hand and used them to raise the metal flat base mount .

Once you remove the mount then reverse the process .

Again if you have the correct mount then NO modification needed .

If you happen to get the wrong mount don't panic you can modify .

The most time consuming to do this job is taking the air box and battery out .


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