Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY - Installing a Universal JDM Tow Strap on a Toyota Corolla

This DIY is for a universal Tanaka tow strap for the front of a Toyota Corolla without removing the front bumper .

The purpose of this is to pull lowered vehicles if something was to ever happen and you wouldn't tear up the front bumper .

Others put them on for looks , So make sure if you use it for towing you do not purchase a cheap one.

Find a location on the bumper bracket then drill a hole .

With a magnet slide the bolt to the hole you just drilled . 

Now to keep the bolt from spinning find a piece of cardboard and a pair of pliers and gently hold the bolt so you do not damage the threads so while you turn the nut till it can't spin anymore . 

Once you are done this is the finish product .

More DIY at www.corollacarclub,proboards,com


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