Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY - Troubleshooting Trunk Light not Working 2005 Corolla

This DIY is on a 2005 Corolla .

When I purchased this car the trunk light was not working and I couldn't figure out why . I checked all the fuses and the wire to see if maybe it was disconnected . 

I noticed that the rear light socket had power coming through it but when I grounded the other wire then the light came on . 

So I went to the trunk light switch where I noticed there was no power going to it so I followed the wired to the rear side panel where you have to pull the carpet down . 

I noticed there was a plug with nothing plugged into it . Then I noticed one wire was on the left the live wire was on the right . 

So I connected the two plugs together and the light switch works .

I don't know if anything went there but it was odd to see that the wire went to no where .

I put silicone there to make sure the wires do not move or touch each other . 

I put everything back and now I have power again .

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