Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY - Replacement of a 6 x 9 Rear After Market Speakers 2005 Corolla

This is a DIY for a 2005 Corolla replacing the rear factory speakers to aftermarket speakers .

The rears are 6 x 9 and to make it easier purchase a speakers adapters from ebay . Part Number is 

SAK008_69 .

This is a very easy DIY . Remove the bottom of the rear seat then from there you can start pulling the plastic covers off starting with the clips where the hooks of the seat is .

Then go to the side of the rear then you can pull up the rear deck be careful if you have a rear wing there is wires you need to unclip then in the front you need to umclip that light plug too . 

Then you can start removing the factory speakers . be careful you don't hit the back window with your ratchet . 

Speaker rear adapter number is SAK008_69

You can modify the speaker wire to the factory plug .

Install the adapters first then you can put the speakers in . Make sure the speakers are nice and tight and they do not rattle , If you still have a rattle use silicone to keep it from moving . Once you tested the speakers then you can start putting then car back together . 

Make sure you plug all the wires back correctly . 

More DIY at www.corollacarclub,proboards,com 


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