Wednesday, April 25, 2018

DIY - Troubleshooting Rear Back Up Lights Not Working 2005 Toyota Corolla

This DIY is for ANY 9nth Generation Corolla 

When you have checked the bulbs and the wires in the elbow of the trunk .

I don't know why mine was missing a piece but as I did for the trunk light I traced my rear back up light wire to this opened end box . 

You have to pull down the driver side carpet to find this junction of wires .

As you can see the 3 wires are connected to get the both back up lights to work . 

The bottom 2 wires are for the trunk light which I do have another DIY on it . 

These are many angles of how it should look - I don't know what was missing but if I go to a junk yard I will look for this piece . 

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