Sunday, June 17, 2018

DIY Wiper Transmission Linkage Bushings Replacement 2000 Honda CRV

This is a DIY for a 2000 Honda CRV that has a sloppy wiper arm . 

Part Number Dorman #49449

First remove the wiper arms left and right - Just remember each arm is a different length 

There are some clips that you have to remove so that you can easily remove the windshield wiper transmission and motor plastic cover . 

There are usually 4 of these transmission linkage bushings - In this case only one was broken - This could be fixed from this position but because we are gonna check all 4 of them out I will remove the wiper arm transmission . 

While everything is off , Might as well change your blades if needed 

Once you remove the bad bushings - Fill it up with grease and Anti Seize the bolts of necessary .

Use a big socket and gently hit with a rubber mallet or a vice if you have one 

Once everything is on and working you can put it all back the same way you had token it off .

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