Friday, June 22, 2018

DIY - Installation Remote LED Under Car Tube Strip Modification

This DIY is going on a 2005 Corolla , But this can be done to any type of vehicle ;

I went to Lowes and bought these EZ cable clips . They easily bend around the strip without breaking any led .

Remove the kick panels on both sides and pull the rug back towards the seat .

There are two drain plugs on each side of the car , Slice a nice slit in the center of the pug so the wire can slip through there easily . 

Center the main box in this case it is a remote control . I put it under the center console I ran the  passenger side wires one to the front and to the passenger side , Now on the driver side I ran the wire going to the back and to the driver side .

I always paint underneath the car white , This is so that when the light bounces from the ground and shoots back up to the under body of the car it will reflect back down brighter . You will see I position the clips so that when a lowered car scratches the ground it will not rub on the light or wires . 

The reason you go down the driver side of the vehicle to the rear is cause the muffler is on the other side and it is hard to hide the wire from the heat . 

Now on the passenger side I ran the wire under the splash guard where it covers the fender and you can see where I put the clips .

Now with the wire being so thin the night before I set all the clips and added some silicone to seal and hold the wire from separating - I drilled a hole in the extra glove box on the driver side . 

I found the closest bolt to use for a ground spot .

Now locating the fuse box which is by the steering wheel underneath , This is where I'm getting my power from by using the washer fluid fuse . This will make the lights shut off when key is turned off . This is only temporarily until I get a farad . I don't trust myself yet with the switch or remote control . But in the future this will go to a power that will let me leave the light on without the key . 

Which the switch connected and hiding the remote wire under the carpet .

You will see where I'm pointing is the remote eye so when I use the remote it is visible but yet hidden - The mini glove box makes a good spot to hide the switch and the remote . 

Now with silicone I cover up the slit so that no water can come back in under the rug . You can see how the purple just bounces off the white painted under body area . 

This is a 7 color LED but in this photo purple is what I chosen - 


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