Sunday, June 17, 2018

DIY Replacement Front Slotted Rotors 05 Toyota Corolla

This is a DIY on how to remove your stock front rotors and to replace them with slotted rotors .

While doing this replacement you might as well change the front brakes which I did in this DIY . 

Basically you remove the brake caliper , The brake caliper bracket and you might have to add PB blaster to remove the front rotor - Sometimes you have to hit the rotor hard with a hammer in this case I will NOT be using the stock rotors but if you are gonna use the stock rotors then use a brass hammer instead . 

While you have everything off make sure you spray brake cleaner to the new rotors to remove any oil on it . 

Grease the channels so the brakes can slide on the clip and the brake squealer clip as well . 

Put everything back - Make sure the rotors are facing forward - There is a left and a right side - Put brakes back on and there you have it front slotted rotors . 

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