Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIY Aftermarket Cigarette Lighter Corolla 98 - 02

As you can see the aftermarket lighter is to the right and the OEM is to your left . For those who don't have the money to buy a OEM or find a OEM in the junk yard here is a DIY on how to replace one with a small budget .

As you can see the plastic cover on the left but the aftermarket has the ground sleeve and with out that it wont work but the lighter is to small for the OEM hole and you can put the plastic for the aftermarket . But I came up with a way for the new lighter to stay and look clean .

First you remove the ash tray then you pull out the face plate off . You have to pull from the bottom up . But dont pull to hard cause the lighter wires and the ash tray light wire is hooked up .

Then you remember the bulb for the ash tray and then you remove the wires for the ash tray . Make sure you don't have the key in the ignition turned on or else you will shirt out the lighter fuse .

Once you have everything removed then you get some black silicone and place the lighter halfway or as far as you want it to stick out . Then squeeze some silicone on your finger and then fill in the gap making it look flush and smooth like in the photo . Then you let it dry for about 20 minutes before you connect it to the face plate .

Before you put the black sleeve to the face plate you add a little silicone behind it and push gently making sure you dont put alot so that it doesnt squeeze through if not then just wipe it away and make it look clean .

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Then behind the lighter you add some more silicone so that the back of the aftermarket lighter is supported . Make sure your lighter is straight while you are doing this . Then let this dry for another 20 minutes before connecting .

Then connect your wires make sure the wire with the black line goes to the ground clip and the other goes to the positive . Make sure it clips tight but you can use wire tape to wrap it for extra safety . Then you put the light back into the ash tray .

Before you put the face plate back on make sure it looks like this and everything is dried . At this point you can check to see if your lighter is working . Once you completed your checks then you can push back the face place .

When its all done it should look like this , Nice and clean perfectly solid . The reason I used black silicone was to match up the round plate and during the day you cant even tell if you put silicone there .

Then when you are done you can either put the lighter part back in or plug in your adapters , and this is what it will look like .
There you have it a aftermarket lighter looking clean .


  1. Thanks for that info/howto. I didn't replace the cig lighter but drilled some holes in the big middle storage box to route some cables for a radio setup, it looks really cool now.

  2. great blog...anyway i have a problem with my cigarette` not providing enough current..i tested it...i searched for the wiring on the net...could`t find...any help?...thank you much appreciated...will check back this post