Friday, January 22, 2010

DIY Front Bumper Fog Lights with HID's Corolla 93 - 97

This is a DIY of a front bumper fog lights using Ford Focus fog lights .
These fog lights are from a 2000 - 2004 Ford Focus . The reason I used these are because there are cheaper and under $25.00 shipped new .

These HID's are 3000k , bulb # 899 .

This is what my front end looked like before I added the fog lights .

First you remove the grille . The BLUE arrows are where the screws are to remove the grille . The RED arrows are where the bolts are located to remove the bumper .

Once you remove the grille you will expose two 10m bolts near the head lights and problaby 2 snaps that hold the top part .

Behind the headlights under the wheel well is one 10m on each side . All you have to do is raise the front end and use a mini ratchet , That way you dont have to take the front tire off , Then you go to the three in the front on the bottom of the bumper .

Once you have the bumper you place it on a blanket so it doesn't get scratched or if yours isnt painted then you can just lay it on a flat surface . Then you get a dremel either air or electric .

Then with the dremel you cut the four areas , Measure the area before you cut . Then you do the same to the other side .

Once you cut out the piece of the bottom grille then you place the fog light and check to see if any trimming needs to be down . In my case I had to trim the top part some so that the fog light fit snug .

Then I purchased 2 angle hinge from Walmart and had some self tapping screws and screwed one to the fog light on a part that was sticking out . I used some silicone to make sure it stuck .

Then I put a dab of silicone then placed the hinge in it and screwed to self tapping screw . Making sure the corner of the fog light was flushed before I screwed them down .

Then turn it around to make sure it is secure and doesnt shake . If you noticed there is a little space but that doesn't bother me . Then you do the other side .

Then this is what it should look like when you are finished . Then you move on to putting your HID's on .

First you find a secure place on your car to put the ballast . If you have to add some silicone on the back before you screw it so that it prevents it from shaking or getting loose . ( Warning - A loose shaking ballast will eventually burn out your ballast and then you want to blame e-bay for being cheap . )

In this photo I slid the negative wire and screwed it to the bolt where the RED then the postive wire I slid through the head light hole and securly wired it to the back of the firewall .

Where I made a hole . There is nothing there to worry about drilling into . Once I made the hole then I passed the positve wire .

Then I located my rear window defroster fused and placed the postive wire on one side of the fuse . The Red arrow is where it is located .

Since my rear defogger isn't working I used that button as my on and off button . If you can't use this then you can use a toggle switch and place the toggle switch to where it is comfortable for you .

Then you make sure all your wires are secure and then bolt up your front bumper and this is what it should look like .

Then you test out your lights to make sure they warm up to the yellow and then you are finished .

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  1. Hello there.
    Can you demonstrate how to replace the broken lightbulbs for the headlights and the tail lights for the 96 corolla?

    Thanks a lot.