Friday, January 15, 2010

DIY Window Lift Motor Corolla 98 - 02

Removal and Replace of 98 - 02 Corollla Window Lift Motor

First you need a Phillips Screw Driver , Flat Head Screw Driver , Ratchet & Extension with a 10m Socket . Plus the Window Lift Motor .

First you remove the door handle with a phillips screw driver . ( Warning : When you are putting the door handle back DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW make it snug so that the inside of the handle doesnt crack )

Then with a flat head screw driver you pop the plastic piece gently off the metal rod that connects to the handle lever . ( Important : When putting this back make sure the plastic snaps around the rod or else the rod will pop out of the lever handle )

Then with a flat head screw driver you pop up the arm rest to uncover the two screws that are holding the door panel to the door .

Then with a phillips screw driver you remove the 2 screws . ( Reminder : It is very important to put these screws back or else the panel will rattle , plus you are screwing into a plastic piece so dont over tighten )

Remove the side mirror bolt cover panel .

Then pull from the bottom of the panel away from the door and you will hear snapping sounds be very careful you dont pull it hard all the way off because the window switch plug is still plugged in . ( Reminder : You may need a flat head screw driver to help you at first and make sure all the plastic snaps come out if they didnt then pop them out and put then back where they belong on the door panel makes it easier to put the panel back and keeps it from rattling . )

Unplug the window switch plug then remove the panel and put it aside so that you have a nice view of the door . ( Reminder : Make sure you plug this back before you put the panel back and test the window lift motor . )

Remove the plastic sheild completly , sliding the window switch plug and the door handle rod carefully so that the plastic shield isnt being torn apart . ( Important : When you put this sheild back that you reverse the way you took it off and slide the rod and the window switch plug back through and reuse the sticky material if not use a dap of cylicone . But make sure you put this back because it keeps the water out and acts like a noise damper .)

Remove this black shield with a phillips screw driver and make sure you put this back on when you are done with because this acts like a shield to .

With your rachet and 10m socket you remove all the bolts that hold the regulator with one hand underneath so that the window doesnt drop and break . There is like 6 or 7 bolts that look like shinny brass in color . Then gently let the window slide down . ( Advise : I did my removal with the window fully up , You can do it with the window half way down or down but it was so much easier the way I did it .)

With your ratchet you will need your extension and with your 10m you remove the two bolts that hold the window to the regulator . There is one in the front and one in the rear . ( Important : you can only remove this bolt with the window down . )

Then to remove the window front bolt from the regulator you must have gently with your hands raise the window so that the bolt lines up with the hole then you slide your extension inside and remove the bolt . ( Reminder : The window is the last thing you put on after you tighten all the bolts to the regulator then you plug the window switch temporaly raise the window regulator so that you can align the bolt to the hole then remove the switch so you dont accidently hit the switch and crush your hands and remove the key to the ignition . )

Then you gently remove your window and set it aside where it cannot break .

Then you close the window regulator with your hand to make is small enough to slide through the opening . ( Reminder : When you put it back you return it the same way . )

Now this is what it will look like when you remove it and find a NON - sandy , dirty windy area so that rocks or debris will stick to the grease and the tracks .

With your phillips screw driver you remove the 3 self tapping screws holding the old window lift motor be careful because it is spring loaded and when you remove that last one it will jump a little .

Your New window lift motor will NOT have threads in the tiny holes and that is ok there is nothing wrong with that . If there shows signs of a thread then it is either used or someone tried and returned it to the store . You immedialty return that item and get a new one . ( Advise : When you purchase this motor check that first before you cash out , Make sure the holes have not been tampered with . )

These are self tapping screws that you re-use to screw your new window lift motor back .

Make sure when you put the motor back you spring spring load the gear teeth back to the gear teeth on the motor . Its a little tough so watch out with your fingers , Then you can put the screws in a little to hold the tension . I used a drill to help me out but you can self tap with your hands , Just make sure you dont over tighten and you dont need any lock tight , Just tighten hand tight . ( Important : If you strip this you are screwed so be patient and to re- grease the tracks and gear . )

When you are finished this is what it will look like . Then you just go back in your steps in reverse to put it back on . ( Another Reminder : Test the window lift motor before you put the panel back on . )

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  1. This worked great on my 2000 model. Thanks so much for posting it.