Friday, March 12, 2010

DIY Ball Joint Replacement Corolla 93 - 97

This is a easy DIY of removing your ball joint .

Make sure your car is secure on jack stands . You don't have to remove the brake caliper to change this part . All you have to do is turn the wheel either left or right to expose the area .

First thing you do is remove the bottom nut of the sway bar link .

Then you remove the 2 nuts and 1 bolt for the bottom of the ball joint . That is connected to the control arm and then you remove the castle nut holding the ball joint to the spindle .

Once you remove those nuts & bolts then you pull down the control arm .

Then you pull the whole spindle over then take out the ball joint .

The top photo is of the old ball joint and the bottom one is of the new one .

When you put the new ball joint back on it's best you put the spindle on first . Do not put the studs until after you line up the holes.

Then you insert the studs and tighten them down until the flat part of the stud lays flat . Do not be scared that your gonna bust the stud it's suppose to slide . Once it lies flat then you are good .
This is what it looks like when you are done .

When you are done then you tighten up your lug nuts and lower the car and then you are good to go .

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  1. One of my ball joints is bad but should I replace both sides anyway? Or does it not matter as much?