Monday, March 15, 2010

DIY CV Shaft Replacement Corolla 93 - 02

This is a DIY on how to remove and replace your CV shaft . The 98 - 02 corolla cv shaft is the same part # as the 93 - 97 non ABS . You can interchange the two and the DIY is the same too .

Before raising your car you remove your cotter pin that holds the CV shaft . Then you remove the nut in the middle that holds the CV shaft . Then you can raise your vehicle and make sure you sure jack stands for safety .

Once you have your car secure then you remove the tie rod .

Then you can remove the sway bar link with a allen key and wrench .

Then you go to the bottom of the ball joint and remove all three nuts .

With a big screw driver or a pry bar you can lower the control arm so that the stud will seperate from the ball joint from the lower control arm .

Then you pull forward the whole stut and wheel assembly and the CV shaft will slide out . If you have a brass or lead hammer you can tap it out to help .

Before you go under the vehicle make sure your jack stand is secure so that the vehicle doesnt drop on you .

You can either use a big flat head screw driver or a pry bar to pop out the inside of the CV shaft from the transmission or there are some indents on the barrel of the shaft that you can put a flat head screw driver and bang it out . Once you see it seperating some oil might spill out but that ok .

It's best that you replace the seal while you are there . If it's not leaking in my opinion then leave it there .

Make sure you check your CV shafts . There are two different types one with ABS brakes and one with out . Make sure you have the proper shaft . Then when you are done you can put the shaft back .

Give another inspection before you put your tire back on make sure all your nuts and bolts are tight . Make sure the inner part of the CV shaft snaps . If this doesn't then the inner part will pop out later on while driving .

Once you are done then you can put our tire back on and lower your vehicle and then go for a test drive .


  1. Hi, Thanks for the '98 Corolla DIYs. I am currently working on my 98 Corolla and need to replace the Right side Lower Control Arm. I removed the 3 bolts on the Ball joint, then the bolt that is towards the middle of the Car, but I cannot remove the 3rd Bolt that is towards the Passenger floor. I already loosened the 3rd Bolt, but it just spins freely and does not come off. This 3rd bolt had a bracket and I removed it also, but still I cannot remove it, I just spins but does not fall out. I have banged it and pried at the Lower Control Arm, but the bolt will not come out. Please help.

  2. 2excel, you need to get a liquid blaster to loosen the bolt.

  3. What size head on the three bolts at the bottom of the ball joint please?

  4. The three bolts on my 2000 were 17mm.

  5. I followed the above awesome procedure and in addition I used the following tools: OEM Slide Hammer with 2/3 Jaw puller #33627026 and OEM Ball Joint Press #27023. The Ball Joint Press kit has a metal disc that can be bolted onto the end of the CV shaft. The Slide Hammer with Jaw puller will easily attach to the metal disc. I used a plastic bucket and 4X4 lumber scrap to support the CV shaft at the same level as the transmission. I was able to “pop out” the CV shaft after about 5 minutes of effort. (I spent the previous afternoon trying to pry out the CV shaft with no success).

  6. On the passenger side joint. What is the purpose of the rubber piece in the middle of the shaft. It seems to float around and not stay in place, moves easily.