Friday, March 12, 2010

DIY Front Brake Caliper Replacement Corolla 93 - 97

This DIY is for front brake caliper .

First you raise your car and make sure you use jack stands to support it . Best way to remove and replace the brake caliper is to turn your wheel facing you on what either side you are working on .

Then you remove the upper and lower bolt that holds your caliper .

Then you can remove your brake line that is connected to your caliper .

They sell these at your auto part store there brake line plugs . To keep the brake lines or any line that has fluid from leaking out completly . Plus using this will give you plenty of time to do other things and keeps the moisture from contanimating inside your line . For those who do not know air contanimates brake fluid , Thats why you never leave your brake cap off or your brake lines open . It collects moisture .

Then you get your new caliper and bolt it on first .

Then you can put the brake line back on . Make sure you put the new copper rings on each side back on so that the line doesn't leak . Do not over tighten this is only hand tight . Then you fill up your brake fluid container so that you can bleed your caliper .

Then you bleed your caliper and remove all the air out . Some people have a self bleeder tool but since I wasn't alone I had some one pump the brake pedal hold it down I opened up the bleeder once they pushed the pedal to the ground I tighten the bleeder and then you repeat until all the air stops popping . To keep from spraying in your face you can put a hose on the nipple and a oil pan to catch the extra brake fluid . Do not reuse the old brake fluid . Do not bleed your brakes with the car running .

Once you are finished you recheck everything for leaks . Wipe down the are well . Have some one step on the brake and watch the caliper close and open then recheck your brake fluid container . Then put the tire back on . Test your brakes by driving slowly .

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