Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY - Tercel 91 - 94 Rack / Pinion Bellow Replacement

This is a DIY for a Rack & Pinion Bellow for a 1993 Tercel . The reason I changed mine was because if they are torn and water was to get inside you can ruin the inner tie rod and possible seals and then you would have to replace either inner tie rod or a very expensive rack & pinion .

This DIY you can do with car ramps with out taking the tires off . But if you don't have the space to work underneath the vehicle then jack up the car and take the tires off .

Once you have the vehicle up in the air you remove the outer tie rod nut .

Once you popped up the outer tie rod in my case I marked the inner tie rod with tape up against the nut so that I do not lose my alignment mark . Then you get two open end wrenches one for the locking nut and the other for the outer tie rod and remove the outer tie rod and nut while leaving the tape in place . In my situation  when I put the outer tie rod back on I used anti seize on the threads .

Then with a wire cutter or dikes you cut off the metal inside clamp on the bellow then with your fingers you squeeze open the outer bellow then slide the bellow off over the tape so that you do not lose your alignment mark .

Inspect your inner tie rod and seals to make sure your rack & pinion isn't leaking . If it is leaking then your rack & pinion needs to be placed and there is no reason to just change your bellow return them for a refund , If you inner tie rod needs to be replaced this is a good time to replace them .

Once everything is ok then you put the new bellow on and they supply you with tie straps , make sure they are nice and tight snip off the extras then put your outer tie rod back on in reverse steps .
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