Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY - Tercel 91 - 94 Oil Change & Tune Up

This DIY is on a 1993 Toyota Tercel with a 1.5L FI SOHC 4cyl , 3E - E .

 This is a basic oil change , You drain your oil pan , remove the oil filter , Because this vehicle has alot of miles I did a 10w 40 oil change and added STP . Its your car you can put either OEM or what is good for you .

Make sure you wipe the area before putting back your new oil filter and put a light coat of oil on the rubber part on the oil filter hand tighten then add oil .

This is the Tune up .

Before removing your distributor cap there is the intake hose to your air filter cause it will make it easier . Its your car so if you don't or do either way .

Now on this vehicle the plugs & cap are one piece . I'm sure they sell them separate but I bought them as one . When you put your rotor button back I added some anti seize .

Then once you replaced your cap & rotor you can remove the front of the cold intake hose so you can gave easy access to the spark plugs .

Make sure you put anti seize on the thread of all your plugs , gap your plugs . They say your plugs are pre gap but its your car on whether you trust them or not .

The plastic holder for the wires broke so I added a tie strap so that the wires don't fall on the heat shield of the exhaust , Plus I took off the plastic heat shield for the wire that is the farthest so that the heat doesn't soften of melt the wire .

Once you have your plugs back together then you can change your PCV valve .

And last you can replace your air filter .
Once you are finished you start your car and listen for misfires . If all sounds well then you have completed the most easiest tune up and oil change .
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  1. This can be an easy job if you think about it, but it needs to be done following the right procedures. Always drain the oil out of your engine first before doing any other things, so that you can give enough time for the used oil to be drained completely.

    Carry Demaggio

  2. We must also never forget to cool down the engine before opening the oil cap because the oil might burst out. Changing the engine oil is indeed very easy but it's one thing we must always remember.

    Ellsworth Mciltro