Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY - Tercel 91 - 94 Alternator Replacement

This is a DIY for a 1993 Toyota Tercel .

First anytime you work on anything electrical on any vehicle you disconnect the battery on newer cars they sell a plug that goes into your lighter to keep your ECM from resetting itself on older vehicles you don't have to worry about that .

 The first thing I did was remove the plug and the wire from the alternator , then I loosen up the bracket bolt where it holds the oil dip then I went I took off the bolt that screws into the alternator .

 Then you go underneath the vehicle and remove the bottom bolt going through the alternator . Once you have that remove the lightly tap the alternator free with out dropping it on your face .


Now this Tercel carries 3 types of alternators , 60amp Without Cold Climate package , 70amp Without Cold Climate package and another one With Cold Climate package . On this particular Tercel it has the heat shield that you have to remove from the old one before you turn it in for a core charge and place it on your new one . Keep all the screws .
I use dielectric for the plug and the anti seize for the bolts to keep them from going bad .

Then you reverse everything and then you adjust your alternator belt to where it isn't to tight or to loose . Enough to where you can twist it from side to side .

Warning when putting a new alternator make sure you battery is fully charged or new or else you will burn out the new alternator and you will void your warranty on your alternator .

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