Monday, October 8, 2012

DIY - Tercel 91 - 94 P/S , A/C & Alternator Belts

This is a DIY for a Toyota Tercel Power Steering , Air Conditioner Belt and Alternator Belt .

First we will take off the Power Steering and Air Conditioning belt off first because to get to the alternator belt you have to . First you remove the plastic splash shield off and remember to clean and put this back on when you are finish .

First you loosen up the top bolt on the power steering box then you go from underneath the car and loosen up the bolt on the bracket to the left . To the right is the belt adjusting bolt which you turn and the power steering box will drop down to loosen up the belt to remove it . This bolt has a nut to keep the bolt from vibrating sometime you have to loosen the nut first . Photo below to show you where the nut is located . If your just changing this belt then you redo your steps to put back on .

 Now the alternator belt which is simple process and the belt closest to the motor you loosen up the bracket bolt then go underneath the vehicle and loosen the bottom bolt push alternator forward then remove the belt then to put back on redo the process .

Once you replace your belts you adjust the alternator with a pry bar but not tight where the belt will squeal but enough to where you can slightly twist it but not where it is to loose .


Now the Power Steering belt and A/C belt you adjust that belt with the adjuster bolt remember not to make it to tight and remember the nut as you see two of them the bottom nut needs to go down to the bracket to keep the bolt from vibrating loose . Then you tighten top and bottom bolts .

The one thing I found out while you have the splash guard off is you can easily clean up the engine before putting it back on .

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