Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Harmonic Balancer & Main Seal Replacement Corolla 98 - 02

This is a DIY to remove and replace the harmonic balancer & main seal of a 98 - 02 Corolla . In this DIY you will see i have the car half apart but there is no need to do this because I was in doing another MOD .

Find yourself a torque bar and remove the serpentine belt and remove the spark plug wires so that the car does not crank over . Prop your torque bar either to the ground to somewhere that will keep it from moving . Make sure the pressure is for counter clock wise . Once torque bar is in place then crank the vehicle slightly till bolt breaks . Then remove the bolt by hand . This is very dangerous DIY so this is at your own risk . 

Once you slide off the harmonic balancer then you can remove the seal be careful of the crank positioning sensor . Once you replace the seal and the balancer then you can put everything back but this time you can hand tight the bolt to the balancer and as the car runs it will tighten up that bolt .

Once you have the balancer on then put your belt on .

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