Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY 9th Gen Corolla Radio Installation

This is a DIY on how to remove and replace your stereo in your 9th  gen corolla . First things you need is a after market stereo , the face plate and the radio wire . When removing the vent face the OEM stereo face will come apart leaving the main component in the car . Once you pull forward gently then you disconnect the wire that goes from the face pate to the stereo . Then you can unscrew the stereo from its brackets . Then once you remove the main part of the stereo then you install the new face plate and wire up the after market stereo to the OEM set up . 

Then you reinstall the stereo with the new face plate back in . Before you put the vents back on make sure everything is working and fits .

Then put the vent face back on and there you have it a easy install . 

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