Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY 8th Gen Corolla Modification Stereo Install

In this DIY I will show you how you can use your stereo brackets on a 8th gen Corolla when your stereo doesnt have the holes in the side for them to be screwed on . plus with out using a stereo instal kit . Most stereos will screw in but others wont . 

Once you remove the face plate of your stereo make sure you dremel the opening so that the stereo can slide in and out with ease . Some stereos you don't need to do this but this MOD is for the ones that make it difficult . In this case this is a flip screen stereo so you need room for the stereo to open up and close . 

This part here takes some time cause you have to put the face plate back on and pull the stereo out and then measure how far it sticks out , Once you have made your measurements make sure you mark with a marker where the OEM brackets will be placed when installing the stereo . Then with the help of Plasti Proxy you apply some on each side and then place the brackets so that it will bond to the stereo , be careful with the openings you don't want the glue to go inside . 

Once the perma plastic dries then you install the stereo , still in test mode to make sure its the proper measurements and then test the flip mode as well . 

Then install the face plate for the stereo and then your DIY is completed . 

I find it that this plasti weld has come in handy for many things and bonds tight . 

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