Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Remove and Replace Radiator & Thermostat 98 - 02 Corolla

This is a DIY on how to remove a radiator and thermostat on a Corolla . First you drain out the radiator , then you remove the two bolts that hold the brackets to the radiator , then you remove the upper and lower hoses from there you disconnect if you have a automatic corolla the transmission lines . From there you lift up the radiator and remove it and sit the new one and the old one side by side . 

Once you put the fans on the new radiator then you remove the alternator where the thermostat will be .

As you can see this thermostat has been in this corolla since 1998 and has 350,000 miles on it , The reason this was replace because the radiator had shown signs of crack and that too has been in the vehicle since 1998 . So I did the maintenance and replaced both . As you can see the thermostat has slight rust because I DO NOT USE WATER I use radiator fluid with water wetter to lubricate the system . 

Once you put everything back together then you make sure you get all the bubbles out then add your water wetter . 

As you can see the water wetter keeps the car running cool 

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