Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY Front & Rear Sway Bar Links Corolla 98 - 02

If the boots on your end links are torn or you can wiggle the end links then you should replace them. Here is how!

Tools Needed:
14 MM wench
Allen wench socket set
Anti-seize grease

To replace the front end links:

1)Jack up your car and put the front wheels on jack stands. You don't have to remove the wheels, but it makes it easier to give you access and leverage to take the bolts off and on.

2) Make sure both your front wheels are off the ground and on jack stands to take tension off the swaybar. Trust me, it is a lot harder to take the swaybar off and on if there is tension on the bar.

3) Stick your Allen wrench into the center of each end link bolt to keep the bolt from turning as you loosen it with your 14MM wench. Out comes the end link.

4) Repeat for the other side.

5) Then use anti-seize grease on the threads of your new end links. Installation is the reverse of the steps to take them off.

To replace the rear end links:

1) Jack up your car and put the rear wheels on jack stands. Make sure both rear wheels are off the ground to take the tension off the swaybar on the end links.

2) Take off your rear wheels.

3) Take the Allen wrench and stick it into the center of the bolt in the end link to keep the end link from turning and use the 14MM wench to loosen the nut.

4) Do this for the other nut and out comes the end link.

5) Repeat the above steps for the other side and installation is the reverse of how you took it out. Make sure you use anti-seize grease on the threads of your new end links.


  1. Very clear. this helped me.
    Thank you.

  2. yes ofcourse......totallyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. Hi
    Should everything be tightened up before lowering the car back onto the ground?
    I read somewhere to hand tighten, then lower, then finish tightening it up.

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