Thursday, February 4, 2010

DIY White Face Glow Gauge Corolla 98 - 02

First you remove the 2 srews with a short phillips screw driver .

Then you pull up from the bottom the face cover towards the steering wheel , Do not be afraid to pull it will pop out .

If you have a tilt wheel make sure your wheel is down cause it will get tight . Then you slide the face over make sure your wiper arm switch is down .

Once you remove the face plate there are 4 screws holding the cluster . The red arrows show where the screws are . Your gonna need a longer phillips screw driver . One with a magnetic tip will work better cause it will be to tight to put your finger in there and it might drop.
Then you remove the platic cluster cover . I have marked a blue arrow so you know where the clips are . Once you remove the plastic cover then with out touching the needles to the cluster you can remove the tiny screws , those are the ones marked in red . Make sure you don't lose these screws. Then you remove the black cover so that you can put the white glow gauges and run the wire .

Then you carefully slide the white glow gauges through the needle and you must be real careful you dont move those needles or bend them or else your will mess up the cluster . Once your done sliding the white glow gauges then you align and re-screw the tiny screws . Then you put the black cover and then you can put the clear plastic back on the cluster . Make sure your fuel one is correctly aligned !!

Then you get the positive wire and put in where the parking light fuse is located as shown with the red arrow and then the other wire you put to the ground wire .

Since I don't use this storage box and didn't want to make holes I just neatly stuck it in there and closed it up .

Then you test out your white face glow gauge and then you can just put it all back together .

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  1. How did you removed the meter from the console? I have tried mine (AE110 '97 Jap model auto), I removed the 3 screw holding the meter to the console, but I still sense something is holding the unit back. Are there any cables that holding the unit back?