Friday, February 5, 2010

DIY Front Lowering Springs for a Corolla 03 - 08

This is a DIY for a 9th gen from OEM to H&R springs .

First you just crack loose the lug nuts .

Then you slide your floor jack to and place it at the strongest point of your corolla . Usally it's where your OEM jack would go .

Then with a allen key and a open end wrench you remove the top nut for the sway bar link .

Then you push it out of the way . If it feels stuck then with a RUBBER mallet gently tap it out .

In this situation I placed a floor jack under the lower control arm and slightly lowered the corolla , As it is resting on the control arm pushing up so that it closes the spring before removing the upper nut for the strut .

Then I removed the two nuts for the bottom strut but do not remove the bolt so that it keeps the strut in place and the tension of the spring .

Then you go to the top of the strut and remove the nut that holds the top of the strut .

Then you raise your corolla up slowly so that the spring opens up and releases the spring tension and once that is completed you remove the bolts for the bottom strut . Then you remove the OEM spring and replace it with the aftermarket spring . ( Reminder : When you are putting this all back together use some anti seize for your bolts and studs so that the next time you need to get in there it will be easy to remove . )

Then you snug the lug nuts in a star formation and then lower the car until the tire touches the ground and then tighten up the rest of the way and torque if needed .

Then when you are done it should looks like this . In this vehicle we put H&R springs.

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